Gennaro De Tommaso, known as Genny the scumbag, leader of the Napoli fans. Massimo Galli, a virologist at the Sacco Hospital in Milan, had suggested that gathering 40,000 fans together in such proximity had been an “important vector for contagion.” Fabiano Di Marco, the chief pneumologist at the Pope John XXIII hospital in Bergamo, where he and his colleagues fought to save as many of the virus’s victims as they could, described it as a “biological bomb.”, In Bergamo, though, nobody held the team — or football as a whole — responsible for the unfolding tragedy. “It was not what happened that night. “Sport cannot overcome that grief. Pezzotta regards that night — Feb. 19, 2020 — as the apex of a lifetime spent supporting the team. Njega je napisao Claudio Galimberti zvani Bocia, čovjek koji je u Bergamu, ali i diljem Europe, poznat kao neprikosnoveni dugogodišnji vođa Atalantine vojske ultrasa.Bocia je sebi osebujan tip, vjerojatno se radi o jednom od najpoznatijih ultrasa u Italiji. Atalanta picked up where it had left off, winning its first six games after the hiatus, including two spectacular comebacks, against Udinese and Lazio. In March, Claudio Galimberti, who is known as il Bocia and is the leader of the club’s ultras, wrote to Atalanta’s president urging him not to consent to completing the season. Repression in Italy since then get even worst, you can read more about it here . Loris Grancini, head of the Juventus Vikings, thought to be close to Cosa Nostra and Calabrian organised crime. Just some of the delightful characters who are too often allowed to call the shots at Italy's football grounds. That day was, possibly, the proudest in the modest history of Atalanta. present here at this Many of its most ardent fans were against the resumption. The pandemic did not weaken that bond; it strengthened it. They showed a lot of solidarity.”, The home ground of the Serie A football club Atalanta, where games were played to empty stands during the pandemic, in Bergamo, Italy, Aug 1, 2020. Now, though, it can work as a metaphor for Bergamo, a reminder that it is possible to come back, to overcome the odds, to emerge stronger from a time of struggle. Il Bocia is well known within the Ultra circle, infamous for his fearless and violent past. 9. Italian flags still flutter from windows and balconies. (Alessandro Rota/The New York Times), The home ground of the Serie A football club Atalanta, where games were played to empty stands during the pandemic, in Bergamo, Italy, Aug 1, 2020. “The suffering of the people mourning for their families cannot be relieved,” said Stasi, the hospital director. That game was the 19th. “Just as there is a Daspo for violent football fans, we need a Daspo for [...], Divisione Stampa Nazionale — GEDI Gruppo Editoriale S.p.A. - P.Iva 00906801006. La lettera del Bocia a Percassi sulla situazione che sta vivendo la città di Bergamo: “Ora esultare per un gol di Gomez non ha più senso” Con una lunga lettera Claudio Galimberti – il Bocia, storico leader della Curva Nord – ha chiesto al presidente Percassi che la stagione dell’Atalanta possa finire qui, che la stagione riprenda o meno. Gori sees an echo of Barcelona’s status in Catalonia in Atalanta’s role in Bergamo: The team is an expression of, and an outlet for, a broader civic identity. Just some of the delightful characters who are too often allowed to call the shots at Italy's football grounds. The virus was already here.”. Gennaro De Tommaso, known as Genny the scumbag, leader of the Napoli fans. Una delle città più colpite da questa emergenza è Bergamo, che prima dello scoppio dell’epidemia stava […] In the searing August heat, Bergamo is tentatively opening again. In a very difficult moment for the city, we have felt that affection. But as the case of Claudio "Bocia" Galimberti clearly shows, Daspos are collected like badges of honour and often have little effect. Atalanta became the framework through which the city responded to the crisis. But Premier Renzi has proposed a measure that might finally make the clubs reassess their relationships with the hooligans: he is proposing to charge the clubs for policing inside grounds and in the immediate vicinity, as in England. 1. Così si è giustificato Claudio Galimberti, conosciuto ai più come il Bocia, che è stato pizzicato dalla Polstrada al casello autostradale di Seriate. “Per Claudio, con Claudio”: tifosi in marcia a sostegno del Bocia. Tag: daspo, football, Genny, Napolitano, Renzi Scritto in Italian sport, Senza categoria | 3 Commenti ». Belotti, secondo chi indaga, sarebbe «l'ideologo della tifoseria nerazzurra», il «trait d'union con le istituzioni» e il «consigliere personale» del leader della Curva Nord, Claudio «Bocia» Galimberti, colpito dal divieto di dimora a Bergamo e provincia. “It was the last day when we did not worry.”, Fans of Atalanta watch the football club's last Serie A match of the season in Bergamo, Italy, Aug 1, 2020. Bergamo can be known for COVID. (Alessandro Rota/The New York Times), Fans of Atalanta watch the football club's last Serie A match of the season in Bergamo, Italy, Aug 1, 2020. As Atalanta raced to a four-goal lead, its first place in the Champions League quarterfinals suddenly in sight, worries about decorum started to dissipate. Stabbed in 2008. It works. It had, in truth, scarcely even contemplated it. Fabrizio Fieni head of the Genoa Ultras: ordered Genoa players to take off their shirts after they were defeated by Siena. He wants them to go forward, constantly, to score goals, to entertain. Festa se lani nije održala iz protestnih razloga, pošto je legendarni vođa Atalantinih ultrasa Claudio Galimberti, poznatiji pod nadimkom Bocia, završio iza rešetaka uslijed prijetnji upućenih šefu policije. Then there is the “bocia” (kid), longtime leader of the Atalanta fans, Claudio "Bocia" Galimberti 42 years old and collector of around twenty Daspo. That was just a fraction of the exodus. Even in the chronically unequal financial landscape of elite European football, it has found a way to compete with — and often beat — teams with vastly deeper pockets. “They have incredible mental strength, this team,” Gennari said. If trouble at the grounds costs clubs serious money, the Ultras could soon be out of favour. Far from blaming Atalanta, in fact, the city drew strength from its team. Claudio Galimberti, detto “Bocia”, ha scritto una lettera molto sentita al presidente del club bergamasco, nella quale si chiede di fermare la squadra Il Coronavirus sta ancora contagiando decine di migliaia di persone e ne sta uccidendo molte altre. 9. “It can be a sign of the rebirth of the city. Michele Spampinato, 37 years old, subjected to a Daspo but still ruling the Catania “curva”. 3. “Lots of people wanted it shut down, but those two hours during a game, when we had been inside for months, were a relief,” Pezzotta, the fan who organized the bus trips, said. He had stopped smiling. Fabrizio Piscitelli, known as Diabolik, 47 years old, leader of Lazio’s Irriducibili (Indomitables). Arrested in Rome in 2011. These victims are not statistics: They are each personal stories to a family. A great tide had made the short journey from Bergamo, the prosperous, pretty city where the football team is based, to Milan for the first leg of their Champions League, round-of-16 tie against Valencia. Si chiama Claudio Galimberti, di professione giardiniere, 38 anni spesi in gran parte per i suoi nerazzurri. Claudio Galimberti, meglio noto come “Bocia”, leader ultras dell’Atalanta, ha negato così all’Adnkronos la partecipazione dei tifosi orobici alla manifestazione unitaria degli ultras di tutta Italia annunciata da ‘I ragazzi d’Italia’ per il 6 giugno a Roma. 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The whole town, it seemed, had been transplanted for the night. He has spent lockdown writing a book with his colleague Andrea Riscassi on Gasperini’s revolution: Its title is “The Atalanta Fairy Tale: Between Dreams and Reality.”, He cannot rule out that its conclusion may yet involve winning the Champions League. We’ll give it back to families.” And on Tuesday,  Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, announced that “Genny the Scumbag” – who is no doubt revelling in his growing notoriety – will be subject to a 5-year “Daspo”, a banning order that is supposed to keep troublemakers from attending a match for a period of up to five years. Giancarlo "Sandokan" Lombardi, head of Milan’s "Curva Sud”, has a criminal record for theft, grievous bodily harm and attempted murder. It is too close, too painful. 10. They were all full, 600 people in all. “As far as we were concerned, the virus was something that was happening in China,” he said. The problem – as so often in Italy – is not a lack of laws and regulations but an inability or unwillingness to enforce them. Atalanta had never breathed such rarefied air. “The city can find a reason for optimism in the story of Atalanta,” he said. 2 / 2. In the last few months, it has served as a flag to rally around. Gennaro De Tommaso, known as Genny the scumbag, leader of the Napoli fans. It held Juventus to a draw, then demolished its closest neighbour and fiercest rival, Brescia, 6-2. “The traffic just never seemed to stop coming.”. "ma dopo 35 anni si è accorto solo adesso? COVID vaccine will arrive in Bangladesh by Jan 25: official, DSCC Mayor Taposh brushes off Khokon’s criticism as ‘insignificant’ remarks, Dhaka schoolgirl died of excessive bleeding after ‘rape’: forensic doctor, Journalist Mizanur Rahman Khan dies at 54, US House Democrats set plan for removing Trump over Capitol attack, PM Hasina’s relative Rawshan Ara Wahed dies at 80, India signs purchase order with Serum for AstraZeneca vaccine, Bangladesh logs 849 virus cases, 22 deaths in a day. It was fans who had started leaving shuttered houses in a locked-down city at 6 am, after a call had gone out through WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages and messages to friends of friends, to anyone who might have the experience, the expertise or even just the enthusiasm to help. Bergamo, corteo ultrà dell'Atalanta per il Bocia: "Chiedo di tornare nella mia Curva" Manifestazione dei tifosi nerazzurri dalla Malpensata al Comune per chiedere di … Arrested on several occasions for crimes committed inside stadiums, Franco Caravita, founder of “i Boys”, controls the “curva” at Inter Milan. “It is not possible to forget what has happened. 10.

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