According to Costa Cruises, its internal regulations require all crew members to complete Basic Safety Training, and to perform a ship evacuation drill every two weeks. La Repubblica called the event "a night of errors and lies". The Costa Concordia sank off the coast of Giglio, Italy, two years ago has now been successfully lifted off rocks in the first part of a huge rescue operation. [293][294] On 29 January 2012, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Holland America Line made one passenger disembark from the cruise ship MS Westerdam for "non-compliance" during a mandatory muster drill. [281] Schettino appealed against the sentence, which was initially upheld in May 2016, then finally in May 2017. [267], On 22 February 2012, four officers who were on board and three managers of Costa Cruises were placed formally "under investigation" and "face charges of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and failing to communicate with maritime authorities". Owners of the Costa Concordia have contracted the world's largest semi-submersible heavy lift ship to lift the now-upright shipwreck and carry it, not tow it, to a location where it will be scrapped. Nearing Giglio just after 21.30, the captain gave the helmsman coordinates, followed by the warning “otherwise we go on the rocks”. [64] Father Raffaele Malena, the ship's priest, said he was among the last leaving the ship at around 01:30. [69] Some are Italians (including the captain and all the officers),[230][231] but 202 Indians and 296 Filipinos made up approximately half of the personnel. [16] The reef is charted as an area known as Le Scole,[17][18] about 800 metres (870 yd) south of the entrance to the harbour of Giglio Porto, on the island's east coast. [148], All operations planned for the wreck, including defuelling, were conducted jointly by Costa Cruises and the Concordia Emergency Commissioner's Office. The Costa Concordia lies stricken off the shore of Giglio in January 2012. A newspaper in Italy has posted a video of the frantic last moments of the evacuation of the stricken Costa Concordia. [21] The impact sheared two long strips of steel from the ship's hull; these were later found on the seabed 92 to 96 metres (302 to 315 ft) from the main island. [50] In addition, at the captain's invitation, the maître d'hôtel of the ship, who is from the island, was on the ship's bridge to view the island during the sail-past. [274] Reuters cited judicial sources as saying none of these individuals are likely to go to jail as sentences less than 2 years for non-violent offences are routinely suspended in Italy, and longer sentences may be appealed or replaced by community service. Minutes later, at 21:45, the Costa Concordia hit a rocky outcrop while travelling at around 16 knots. logo (The Telegraph, 19 January 2012)", "Domani per il Giglio la Medaglia al Merito Civile", "Costa Concordia rock which ripped hole in liner to be memorial", "Costa Concordia-killing rock to become Memorial to sunken liner", "Costa Concordia rock will create Giglio memorial (video)", "Rock is cast into the sea for 32 victims of Costa Concordia", "Le naufrage du Concordia ne remet pas en cause le gigantisme des paquebots", "Quelles sont les procédures en cas d'évacuation d'un paquebot ? [142] The European Maritime Safety Agency is the EU agency tasked to develop a common methodology for investigating maritime accidents. The company Costa Cruises avoided a trial in April by agreeing to a €1 million fine, but victims are pursuing damages in a civil case. The eight-year-old Costa Cruises vessel was on the first leg of a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea when she deviated from her planned route at the Isola del Giglio, sailed closer to the island, and struck a rock formation on the sea floor. Terror at Sea: The Sinking of the Costa Concordia,[301] broadcast on 31 January 2012, explored how and why the ship went down. [264], On 11 February, TG5 broadcast a video of the commotion on the bridge following the collision. [58], Route of Mediterranean cruise from Civitavecchia and back. [242], Industry experts believed the ship to be a constructive total loss early on in the salvage efforts, with damages of at least US$500 million. [91], On 14 January, divers searched the ship until nightfall. [88][97][98][99] On 18 January, rescue efforts were suspended again when the ship shifted, but shortly afterwards they were resumed. Here's the latest. [65] Some passengers jumped into the water to swim to shore,[citation needed] while others, ready to evacuate the vessel, were delayed by crew members up to 45 minutes, as they resisted immediately lowering the lifeboats. The ship was left abandoned on its side for two-and-a-half years before it was  refloated and towed to Genoa in July 2014. [37] "I have to take responsibility for the fact that I made a judgment error. [27] By January 2013 the technical investigation report had not yet been released. Crew members were paid wages for a minimum of two months or, if longer, their full contract term. [273] The hearing also determined who could "attach lawsuits to the case". Arrow: journey on first leg, star: collision, Planned route (starting at 18:20 UTC) together with deviation (starting at 20:10 UTC) ending off Giglio, Deviation (from 20:30 UTC) leading to collision (20:45 UTC) and grounding (22:00 UTC)[59], Route leading to collision compared to route of 14 August 2011, After the grounding, passengers and crew were taken ashore from the ship by lifeboats and helicopters or swam to the island, leaving about 40 people missing. Five passengers drowned and about 15 … Ferrarini, who was not on the ship, was convicted of minimising the extent of the disaster and delaying an adequate response. At least 3 bodies have been recovered, with more than a dozen others still missing. Costa Concordia: latest photos from Giglio of the righted cruise ship. [261] His pretrial hearing was scheduled for 20 March. [208][209], Most of the passengers on board were Italian, German, or French nationals. [229], On 27 January 2012, Costa posted on its website the compensation package offered to uninjured passengers. On 21 April, it was announced that Florida-based marine salvage and wreck removal company Titan,[170] with its partner company Micoperi, an Italian firm specialising in undersea engineering solutions,[171] had been awarded the contract to refloat and tow Costa Concordia to a port on the Italian mainland. [165][166] The company invited ten firms to bid for the contract to salvage the ship. "[25] On 7 February, the Court decided to continue Schettino's house arrest. "[307], Some saw parallels between the incident and the country's recent political upheavals. He also promised to minimise harm to their tourism businesses. [169] The operation, one of the largest ever ventured,[8] was predicted to take from seven to ten months, depending on weather and sea conditions. Costa Cruises CEO Pier Luigi Foschi explained that the company's ships have computer-programmed routes and "alarms, both visual and sound, if the ship deviates by any reason from the stated route as stored in the computer and as controlled by the. [19][29] In contrast, one expert stated that a delay might be justified considering the hazards in launching lifeboats while a ship is still moving. The more time passes, the weaker the hull becomes. [276], In a separate trial for manslaughter and causing the loss of the ship, Captain Francesco Schettino sought a plea bargain agreement. Learn from the past: Stellar Daisy sinking: Two years on and what? The offer to uninjured passengers was effective until 31 March[year needed]; as to the families of the dead and missing, separate proposals were to be offered "based on their individual circumstances. [129] High winds on 1 February lifted the protective barrier, allowing an oily film into the surrounding waters that began spreading from the stern of the ship. [115][116][117] Items on the body were reportedly subsequently identified as belonging to missing passenger Maria Grazia Trecarichi instead and on 24 October 2013 it was reported that DNA analysis confirmed it was her body. or "Get on board, damn it!" In a first step to prevent pollution of the shore and assist in a refloat the ship, her oil and fuel tanks were emptied. [39] The ship's first officer, Ciro Ambrosio, told investigators Schettino had left his reading glasses in his cabin and repeatedly asked Ambrosio to check the radar for him. Preparing for righting, July 2013. [90] The divers were from the Italian Navy, Coast Guard, and Vigili del Fuoco (fire and rescue service). Within the same year of the grounding, CLIA set mandatory policies regarding the passage planning and the bridge access, while several cruise companies, including Costa Cruises, became stricter implementing real-time monitoring ship technologies to ensure vessels follow their planned routes. The captain tested negative for drug and alcohol use, but one group that is suing Costa Cruises and that leaked the test results, disputed the tests as unreliable. [104], On 28 January, the 17th body, that of a female crew member, was recovered from a submerged part of the vessel. On 22 February, the recovery was suspended by inclement weather. [259], At the validation hearing of 17 January 2012, the Court of Grosseto charged Schettino and Ambrosio with the results from the records of investigation compiled immediately after the event, including the first report of the coast guard of Porto Santo Stefano of 14 January 2012, the summary testimonial information given by the members of the ship's crew, the chronology of events of the Harbour Office of the Port of Livorno, the AIS recording on record, and the PG Annotation of the Harbour Office of the Port of Livorno. [183] Once this was completed, the ship was pulled upright by cables over the course of two days and settled on the platform, a method called parbuckling. [citation needed] Booking volume for Carnival's fleet, excluding Costa, in the 12 post-accident days was down by "the mid-teens" as a percentage of year-earlier bookings. [133] Clini said any oil leakage would be highly toxic for plant and animal life. [44][45][p 1], Costa Cruises confirmed that the course taken in 2012 was "not a defined [computer programmed] route for passing Giglio. [133] The 15 tanks that contained about 84% of the fuel in the vessel were emptied first and expected to take about 28 days. A dynamic, complex, unique project, Concordia's salvage plan included the following steps: 1. As of 16 September 2013[update] the salvage operation had cost over €600 million ($800 million). [40][41], The captain said that Costa Cruises managers told him to perform a sail-past salute on 13 January 2012. [257], Francesco Schettino (born 1960 in Meta, Naples), who had worked for Costa Cruises for 11 years,[230] and First Officer Ciro Ambrosio were arrested. He and Canessa were "shoulder to shoulder" until 05:30. This time round it went wrong". The stability and deformation of the ship was monitored by satellite imagery and surface-based instruments. [29], At 22:26, Schettino told the Port of Livorno's harbour master that the ship had taken water through an opening in the port side and requested a tug boat. ", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Peter Wieslaw Grajda: M/S Costa Concordia Disaster – A Survivor's Story & Photos, Transcript of telephone call between captain and coastguard, "List of dead, missing from the Costa Concordia cruise ship that grounded off Italy", A world askew: On board the Costa Concordia, "Technical report on the sinking of the Costa Concordia", Transcript of conversations on the bridge as recorded by the VDR (annex 5 of the above report), "Court hears how 32 died in Italy shipwreck", Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in 2012,, Maritime incidents involving cruise ships, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Pages using infobox event with blank parameters, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Articles containing potentially dated statements from September 2013, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from July 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2017, Articles needing the year an event occurred from January 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Wikipedia external links cleanup from June 2018, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Struck a rock while deviating from planned course, 33 (27 passengers, 5 crew, 1 salvage member). [268][269], One of the ship's voyage data recorders (VDRs), which was designed to float, was recovered. A 291 m cruise ship with over 4-thousand people on board has grounded off Italy's north-west coast. [79] Despite this, Schettino never returned to the ship from the lifeboat into which he claimed he had "fallen". The magistrate in charge of the inquiry remarked, "This is new to us — I've just seen it for the first time. On 13 January 2012, the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia hit the bottom of the sea floor and overturned after striking an underwater rock off Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, resulting in 32 deaths. A long damaged on the hull caused water ingress on the left-hand side, which made the ship to tilt. Comments by some of the passengers that we were unhelpful have hurt us. "[70] A third engineer officer from the ship's engine room also pointed out that "Unlike the captain, we were there until the end. [19][24], While the vast majority of the ship's multinational personnel held positions that did not require a seaman's qualifications (as they handled services like laundry, cooking, entertainment, cleaning, minding children, and waiting tables), according to a senior shipping official, they had received mandatory training in basic safety to be able to help in situations like this. [110], On 15 January 2013, the final two bodies were thought to have been located (those of a female passenger and a male crew member), but they reportedly could not be recovered, because their location near the stern made their recovery inaccessible until the ship could be rotated. [citation needed] Final scrapping of the ship was completed in July 2017. "[147] It was also found that the hull was slowly collapsing under its own weight, making salvage more difficult and expensive. [179] The salvage plan included the following operations:[180], (1) Funnel (chimney) is removed and a submerged platform is built to support the ship. [249] The board said that the investigation was delayed because the Italian prosecuting team had seized important information, including the voyage recorder. In 2012, the island Giglio received prolonged international media attention, following the 13 January 2012 running aground of the cruise liner Costa Concordia, just off the island's shore close to Giglio Porto. [285], Costa Cruises at first offered to pay Schettino's legal costs but decided later that they would not do so. La nave era di proprietà della compagnia di navigazione Costa Crociere, del gruppo Carnival Corporation & plc, ed era comandata da Francesco Schettino. [312][313][314], On 13 January 2013, a rock was cast into the sea at the site of the disaster with a plaque to commemorate those lost. Sponsons are ready to fill with sea water, nearing 24 degrees of rotation. In the video, when one officer said, "Passengers are getting into the life boats", Schettino responded "vabbuò" (a Neapolitan colloquialism which stands for "whatever", "well" or "it is ok"). [266] A 2015 report indicated that the ship had been carrying a large amount of mafia-owned cocaine when it sank, although senior officers were likely not aware it was on board. Schettino, went back on board for the first ti Francesco Schettino by the investigating judge and prosecutors: This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 23:13. Giglio: Costa Concordia-Titanic Link Off the Island of Giglio, on Friday, January 13, 2012, the cruise liner Costa Concordia ran aground just off the shore. 4 submarine anchor blocks were fixed to the seabed between the wreck's center and the coast. (translated as "Get the fuck [back] on board! "[239] For a time, Costa permitted its customers to cancel any future cruises booked with them, without penalty. On 22 November 2008, Costa Concordia suffered damage to her bow when high winds over the Sicilian city of Palermo pushed the ship against its dock. If the oil pollutes the coast, we're ruined." In May 2017, the Italian highest court upheld the sentence of the former Costa Concordia captain to 16 years in prison. [262][263], Officials were initially trying to determine why the ship did not issue a mayday and why it was navigating so close to the coast. The Costa Concordia sailed closer to Giglio island last August than it did on Friday, according to satellite tracking information given to the BBC by the shipping journal, Lloyd's List Intelligence. [12], The total cost of the disaster, including victims' compensation, refloating, towing and scrapping costs, is estimated at approximately $2 billion, more than three times the $612 million construction cost of the ship. [37] On 5 July 2012, Schettino was released from house arrest but mandated to reside in Meta di Sorrento. IMO’s MSC in June 2017 adopted amendments to SOLAS 2020 that raise the ‘required index R’, damage stability requirement, representing the ship’s capability to remain stable and afloat in the event of flooding after a collision. Several hours later, the ship capsized, claiming the lives of 32 passengers. Further, the immediate flooding of five contiguous watertight compartments, where most of the vital equipment of the ship was located, made the Costa Concordia casualty quite a unique event, because of the extent of damage is well beyond the survivability standard applicable to the ship according to her keel laying date.

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